WATCH: Allen Lazard hauls in go-ahead TD against Oklahoma late in fourth

Iowa State Cyclones receiver Allen Lazard

Iowa State is on the verge of stunning Oklahoma in Week 6, thanks in part to wide receiver Allen Lazard, who scored the go-ahead touchdown with just over two minutes remaining.

In a tie ballgame, Lazard streaked down the left sideline, and third-string quarterback Kyle Kempt found him. It was a very gutsy throw, and it got in right over the top of an Oklahoma defender.

Lazard actually beat two Sooners defenders on the play, somehow holding onto the ball throughout the process, which was reviewed.


This score put the Cyclones up by one touchdown, 38-31, with just over two minutes left in the game. If they manage to pull off the win, it would be one of the biggest upset wins in school history, and one of the biggest of the 2017 season on a national level.