Adrian Peterson shares jaw-dropping anecdote about Drew Brees

By Jesse Reed

Those of us who have watched Adrian Peterson over the years know there aren’t many people who work harder or who can compare to him in terms of physical attributes. He’s a freak of nature who has never shied away from doing everything in his power to making the most out of his gifts.

Peterson recently released some eye-opening videos on Twitter showing he’s still capable of doing things in the gym most of us couldn’t even dream of accomplishing. With that in mind, it’s pretty stunning to read what Peterson had to say about former teammate Drew Brees.

When asked if he’s ever played with another man who exceeded his own work ethic, Peterson said, “There’s one person that when you asked that question that stood out immediately,¬†per the Times-Picayune.

“Being up there in New Orleans just for that short period of time, and just seeing him, man, I’m talking about clockwork. You see this guy out on the field two hours before practice and he’s going through his fundamentals. He’s in the weight room. He’s lifting. He’s cut up. The funny thing is once we did our conditioning test, that’s probably the first time I ever lost a conditioning test.

“That’s when it really opened my eyes,” Peterson said of his time with Brees. “Man,¬†Drew Brees, he’s the truth, you know.”

It’s pretty crazy to envision Brees beating Peterson in a conditioning test. He doesn’t look like a dude who can tear up the gym, but we’ll definitely take Peterson’s word on this matter as the gospel truth.

Brees is edging closer to the age of 40. Like Tom Brady, he’s said he wants to play into his mid-40s. And based on what Peterson describes here, as long as his offensive line can protect him from injury, that could very well come to passs.