Aaron Rodgers gifts offensive line $20,000 ATVs

Aaron Rodgers is a giving man

Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers has always been in a giving mood when it comes to those tasked with protecting him on the football field.

Even as his Packers start their off-season program and Rodgers is months away from being threatened by a hit on the field itself, the quarterback thought about the big hogs up front.

Those are $20,000 Polaris General ATVs that Rodgers decided to gift his entire offensive line.

“Polaris and Aaron partnered to give his linemen the ultimate thank-you gift,” a Polaris spokesperson told ESPN.

This isn’t anything new for Rodgers, who has in the past presented his offensive line with anything from flat-screen televisions to golf clubs for Christmas. Though, the timing itself is pretty awesome. It gives those men time during the summer to get out and play.