Aaron Judge once again puts his stamp on MLB history books

Aaron Judge has been making MLB history since last year when he broke Mark McGuire’s rookie home run record, smashing 52 dingers in 2017. Then earlier this year, he once again trumped McGuire, becoming the fastest player to hit 60 career home runs.

Not surprisingly, Judge has done it again. With his 14th home run of the 2018 season, he became the fastest man in MLB history to hit 70 homers, beating Ryan Howard’s old mark by two games.

Here’s a look at Judge’s opposite-field smash on Saturday that set this new record.

Really, is there anything Judge cannot do at this point? He’s already one of the most feared hitters in the game today, and on Friday he reminded everyone why it’s not a good idea to run on him when he has the ball in the outfield (watch here).

He’s really a rare bird, indeed. We’ll continue to soak in his magnificence, and likely we’ll also continue to watch the records fall in the years to come.