NFL owners are in Phoenix, Arizona for the Annual League Meeting, and they’re expected to approve a proposal that would send the Oakland Raiders to Las Vegas.

Now we have at least one idea about why there is so much overwhelming support for the proposed move, as it means more money in the pocket of each owner.

Now, many of these men are billionaires, but that’s still a lot of dough no matter what income bracket you belong to.

The city of Los Angeles was without an NFL team for a couple decades, despite being the second-biggest sports market in the United States. Now it has two, though it remains to be seen just how successful the Rams and Chargers will be in their new digs.

Las Vegas has never had an NFL team and just recently got its first real pro team, the NHL’s Vegas Golden Knights.

The proposed new football stadium they’d like to build looks like a modern-day palace to sports (look here). And given the absurd amount of public funds the city offered in the proposed deal it’s no wonder it’s being fast-tracked by NFL owners.