Richard Sherman tells fans to take out anger on Seahawks

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The Seattle Seahawks released cornerback Richard Sherman as expected, and he signed with the San Francisco 49ers. It was a quick transition that Seahawks fans are not happy about one bit. Their frustration is understandable, but directing it at Sherman is not right.

Business is business. And, Sherman addressed those angry fans with this message.

Sherman is absolutely correct here. When you suddenly get fired and a wonderful opportunity presents itself, you jump on it. The Pro Bowl corner never asked to be released by Seattle. The Seahawks dumped him.

If it helps Seattle fans just a little, Sherman also shared this.

It is not like Sherman sought out the NFC West rival 49ers. They have plenty of salary cap space and know the talent he can bring to the team.¬†Sherman signed a three-year deal worth $39 million, though there isn’t much in the way of guarantees.

Why would anyone in his position turn this down versus unemployment?