Eight NFL teams that could become dynasties

Sports dynasties are hard. There’s no real definition — just ask baseball fans about the San Francisco Giants from 2010-14 — and a definitive dynasty doesn’t come around in any sport, let alone football, in the salary cap era.

When you think of dynasties during the Super Bowl era, you think of five teams: the Lombardi Packers, the late ’70s Pittsburgh Steelers, the Joe Montana/Steve Young San Francisco 49ers, the Troy Aikman Dallas Cowboys and the Tom Brady/Bill Belichick New England Patriots.

That’s only five dynasties in 51 years (really, it’s a couple more than that though, because the Lombardi Packers were winning NFL Championships before there was such a thing as the Super Bowl), and all but one were before the salary cap era, so to say that it’s hard to build one is an understatement.

This list examines eight teams thatĀ couldĀ become dynasties. That means they either have a lot of relatively young talent, draft assets, a young star quarterback or are the New England Patriots. Of course, it’s impossible by nature that all of these teams become dynasties. In fact, it’s impossible that more than two of them become dynasties — and even that would take a lot.

In the salary cap-era NFL, it’s almost impossible to build a dynasty. There’s so much roster turnover from year to year that, on top of building a championship team, you have to maintain it despite replacing over half the roster every year. That’s what makes what the Patriots have done so incredible. These teams have a chance, which is more than most can say. Here they are.