100-year-old grandmother yells ‘Free Tom Brady!’ while throwing a football

By Jesse Reed

Apparently, passion for Tom Brady and the New England Patriots knows no age limit.

A 100-year-old grandmother is about to be famous after she was featured in a Twitter video in which she tosses a football while shouting, “Free Tom Brady!”


CC: Roger Goodell on this one.

Brady’s defense team must make sure to include this as part of their evidence during the upcoming federal court case, because who could say no to this woman?

Since the genesis of “Deflategate” there have been strong opinions on both sides of the argument. Those who hate Brady and the Pats think he deserves to be punished as much as possible, while most of the rest of us believe the entire thing has been blown completely out of proportion.

Count this grandma as one of those who thinks Goodell just needs to give up the chase and let Brady play this season.