10 silly observations from the NFL Week 10 action

By Rachel Wold

Week 10 in the NFL provided viewers many memorable moments, including some events and reactions that qualify as some of the silliest moments of the week. Therefore, here are some select highlights of what we found puzzling and entertaining stemming from the Week 10 NFL games.

NFL designs uniforms that confuse the color blind

As part of the NFL’s Color Rush campaign, the Buffalo Bills and New York Jets dressed from head to toe in bright red and green to compete on Thursday Night Football in Week 10.

Unfortunately, as part of this creative plan, the NFL did not consider that eight percent of men and 0.5 percent of women who are of European ancestry are red-green color blind, according to the National Eye Institute (h/t ABC News).

Therefore, this is what watching the game was like to a person with color blindness.

What a nightmare, right? This had to be frustrating to say the least when all there was to tell the two teams apart while they were tangling on the field was the logo on the helmet. We can safely file this blunder in the NFL’s “fail” file.

Why is Brett Favre in a tree?

Denver Broncos quarterback Peyton Manning broke Brett Favre’s 71,838 passing yard record when he completed a four-yard pass to running back Ronnie Hillman.

Preparing to congratulate Manning on breaking his record, Favre had himself filmed while hanging in a tree to share this message (via Complex.com).

“Peyton, I’m in a tree stand. Yeah, you’ve interrupted me again,” Favre begins. “I’m very happy for you. Congrats. But now you have to take them all away. Good luck, man. You’re the best.”

Dressed in camouflage with some sort of crossbow hanging behind him, Favre makes us wonder what exactly is going on in this scene. We can be thankful, though that he was a least dressed and didn’t take to using his cell phone to send out his congratulatory message.

Antonio Brown the gymnast

Not caring about quarterback Ben Roethlisberger’s “no flip” rule, wide receiver Antonio Brown had too much space on his hands when he flipped for this touchdown score, sticking the landing perfectly.

Brown is enjoying a phenomenal year, and at the pace he is racking up yardage he’ll surpass 2,000 receiving yards by the end of the season.

Johnny Manziel goes “Linda Blair” after he loses his contact lens

“I can’t see s***,” Manziel exclaimed during Sunday’s game against the Pittsburgh Steelers. Apparently he lost a contact when Steelers outside linebacker Arthur Moats pulled on his face mask.

Moats apologized on Twitter to Manziel after the incident and Manziel seemed to be cool.

Manziel completed 73.33 percent of his passes for a career-high 372 yards, one touchdown and one interception. Although, in the end, it didn’t matter whether Manziel was wearing contacts, bifocals or a blindfold over his eyes, because the Steelers were just too overwhelming and beat the Browns, 30-9.

Nick Foles stars as Captain Obvious

The St. Louis Rams performed awfully against the Chicago Bears, basically letting the Bears run all over them in Sunday’s 37-13 loss.

So, this is the only conclusion that quarterback Nick Foles came up with at the end of the game?

Foles has gone two games in a row without scoring a touchdown, while the team as a whole has struggled. But the good news is St. Louis sits tied in second place with the Seattle Seahawks 4-5 in the NFC West, one game ahead of the San Francisco 49ers.

That’s one way to take the “glass half full” approach.

Jay Cutler flashes his Colgate winning smile

After dealing Nick Foles and the St. Louis Rams a massive beating, quarterback Jay Cutler put on his winning smile while wearing a fashionable patterned dark suit jacket, which was the perfect combination to address the press after a sweet win.

It’s a good thing Cutler’s smile was caught on camera because most of the time we see him address the media, he looks beyond bored.

For Cutler and the Bears, Sunday’s win over St. Louis marks their fourth on the season, which is only two less than suddenly lagging NFC North rival Green Bay Packers have on record this season.

Cutler executed brilliantly and completed 79.17 percent of his passes for 258 yards, three touchdowns and zero interceptions against a haggard Rams defense.

Stephen Gostkowski’s field goal triggers mixed reactions

All eyes were on New England Patriots kicker Stephen Gostkowski when he attempted a 54-yard field goal that barely made it through the uprights. Fortunately for the Patriots, the kick was good causing team members to jump for joy.

While on the other side of the field, New York Giants head coach Tom Coughlin was less than thrilled.

After the field goal, the Giants had one second left on the clock to attempt a Hail Mary, which eventually failed after a few lateral passes were fumbled. Gostkowski certainly earned Week 10 MVP rights while the Patriots stand with a 9-0 undefeated record.

Best quote to sum up Mark Sanchez’s poor performance against Miami Dolphins

“In Kelly’s system, Sanchez plays quarterback as if he were a kid who’d eaten 17 dispensers worth of Pez before taking the field, and if you give a mistake-prone quarterback more opportunities to make mistakes, the results will be nothing but predictable.”

These fine words describing Sanchez running around like a kid on Halloween with a sugar buzz a mile high come courtesy of Mike Sielski, Inquirer Columnist at Philly.com.

Barry CofieldSanchez was called to action Sunday against the Miami Dolphins when Sam Bradford departed with a shoulder injury in the third quarter. And, Sanchez did what he does best — which is choke — by throwing an interception in the red zone, missing his receiver Miles Austin. As a result, the Eagles lost, 20-19.

Due to Sam Bradford’s  AC joint sprain and concussion, we might be watching the Pez-induced quarterback perform for the next couple games while Bradford mends.

Others look out for New Orleans Saints Rob Ryan’s future

Conflicting reports are swirling as to whether or not Saints defensive coordinator Rob Ryan has been fired. Although, at this point in time, it would appear he is still on staff.

Ryan’s defense was awful and couldn’t do a darn thing to stop Kirk Cousins and the Washington Redskins from walking away with a massive 47-14 win over the Saints on Sunday.

Therefore in the case Ryan might have to seek employment elsewhere, we have folks already looking out his best interests.

With the holidays approaching, mall Santa looks to be the winner. And, there should be thousands of available jobs out there recruiting for guys who fit Ryan’s Santa-ish physical description.

Kirk Cousins says you don’t force “You like that?”

Speaking of Cousins, who achieved a perfect passer rating on Sunday against the New Orleans Saints’ dreadful defense, he had a warning for those shouting his “You like that?” catch phrase.

“They’ve had fun with it, but I think sometimes it can be a little too self-promotional, if you start pumping it over and over, it looks like you’re a guy who, you know, likes it a little too much,” Cousins said (via washingtonpost.com). “So, I wasn’t going to force it or make it happen. You kind of gotta let it happen, so, there’s no doubt after a game like that, you do gotta like it, if you’re a Redskins fan at least. So I said that, but beyond that, I think you just gotta let it happen and not force it.”

Cousins’ teammate Chris Baker and some other guys were shouting “You like that?” into television cameras after Washington’s crushing 47-14 win at FedEx Field.

Cousins had a different way of celebrating his outstanding performance Sunday. He gave his game ball to his cancer-stricken father in a heart-touching gesture of love and devotion.

“Thank you, thanks for a great day,” Don reportedly told Kirk upon receiving the game ball (h/t foxsports.com).