What’s Wrong With The Chicago Cubs

What's Wrong With The Chicago Cubs
Malcolm Michaels
Written by Malcolm Michaels

When TC asks most people what’s wrong with the Chicago Cubs, he gets answers like “everything” or what isn’t wrong with the Cubs! As beloved as the Cubbies are they are still disappointing their fans. Today TC is joined by Al Yellon who is truly a diehard Cubs fan and is here to give us the lowdown on what is going on with the Cubs as Wrigley Field turns 100. Listen now…

What’s Wrong With The Chicago Cubs

  • Is the third year going to be the charm with Theo Epstein?
  • What is the deeper connection with Ron Davis and the Cubs?
  • Will we see Edwards, Bryant, or Baez on the Cubs roster this season?
  • Listen in to find out more!

TC and Al Yellon start out by digging into Theo Epstein’s third year with the Cubs. Without a doubt there is a significant amount of frustration being felt by Cubs fans as the season gets off to another disappointing start with the losses stacking up. TC questions if there is going to be an end of the prospect production and a switch to actual players being made. Al points out a few things about the mis-management of the team including things like too many players being signed that are not meant to play are just meant to flip and this creating a bigger problem.

TC and Al find common ground reminiscing about baseball memories of the great Harry Caray on WGN out of Chicago back in the summer of 1986. Caray had no idea who this Davis guy was, but could tell his star years were not being spent with the Cubs. Al shares with us a great story of just how Davis landed with the Cubs that many fans of the Twins, and Cubs only knew part of. They also discuss the uncertainty the future of Free Agency will hold for the Cubs with this looking shaping up to be their 5th straight 100+ loss season. Tough questions are asked about who would be willing to sign to a team with such a record, and what strategies could be applied to keep the better players around.

The expansion to Wrigley Field is also a hot button issue facing the Cubs that Al and TC get to talking about. Apparently thanks to all of the rooftop seating on private buildings looking into the stadium Wrigley Field has had to start and stop their plans several times. Listen in to find out exactly what the holdup is! It truly is a crying shame! The good news is Al tells us the best way to get to the game if you are planning on taking a trip to visit Wrigley for it’s birthday this year! Sounds like a lot of fun! (If you go send us a photo!)

What’s Wrong With The Chicago Cubs

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