Zaza Pachulia pokes fun at Kevin Durant, Stephen Curry

By Michael Dixon

Center Zaza Pachulia often flies under the radar when compared to fellow Golden State Warriors starters Kevin Durant, Stephen Curry, Klay Thompson, and Draymond Green.

In a SportsCenter interview on Wednesday, Durant was asked which of his famous teammates he likes to hang out with. Pachulia answered, and had some fun at the expense of two of Golden State’s big four.

“I love all four of them; but you already know my answer,” Pachulia said in the interview. “Klay is my hangout guy. KD doesn’t even know what country I’m from and Steph is too busy trying Ayesha’s food. Me and Klay and Rocco are the Warriors’ real big three.”

Rocco, of course, is Thompson’s dog. And that is quite a trio.

For anyone curious, Pachulia is from Georgia. It’s an Eastern European country that was formally part of the Soviet Union. If you happen to bump into Durant on the street, you may want to let him know.