New York Jets insider reveals ‘most likely’ Zach Wilson trade destination

New York Jets quarterback Zach Wilson
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After allowing quarterback Zach Wilson to seek out a trade, the New York Jets have publicly stated they are willing to keep the former first-round pick if they can’t find a suitable trade partner. While that is still a possibility, there’s a far likelier outcome this offseason.

Jets general manager Joe Douglas told reporters at the NFL Combine in February that he granted Wilson’s agent permission to find a trade partner. In the weeks since, no substantial trade talks have materialized for the former starting quarterback.

  • Zach Wilson career stats: 12-21 record, 73.2 QB rating, 57% completion rate, 23-25 TD-INT, 6.3 yards per attempt, 185.1 passing yards per game, 113 sacks taken

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Woody Johnson, the owner of the team, told reporters at the NFL’s league meeting that the team would keep Wilson if no trade materialized. He would function as the Jets’ third-string quarterback in 2024, backing up both Aaron Rodgers and Tyrod Taylor.

While that could be done, Wilson carries an $11.184 million cap hit in 2024. It would be a significant portion of cap space to devote to a backup quarterback, let alone a third-string player. Not only that, keeping Wilson means the Jets have to use one of their valuable 53-man roster spots on him at that cap figure.

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  • Zach Wilson contract: $11.184 million cap hit in 2024, 2025 NFL free agent

It’s why a trade, even if it means attaching a late-round draft pick so a team will take Wilson’s contract, remains the most realistic outcome. As for what club might acquire the former BYU star, there could be a potential favorite.

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Zack Rosenblatt of The Athletic examined Wilson’s situation with the Jets and highlighted the Denver Broncos as the “most likely” landing spot for Wilson. The Jets’ reporter did address possible fits with the Los Angeles Rams, San Francisco 49ers and Kansas City Chiefs, but he believes the Broncos are the “only logical” fit.

Denver could at least provide Wilson with the opportunity to compete with Jarrett Stidham for the starting job. However, the more likely outcome is Wilson would be coached up by Sean Payton and potentially given a chance to play later in the season. One clear thing, though, Wilson’s trade value is low enough that the Jets likely would need to give something up to move off his contract.

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