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Worst MLB Umpires

Today on the February 20th, 2014 Unfiltered Sports Juggernaut podcast we’re talking with Benjamin Christensen about the Worst MLB Umpires. With so many to choose from, we’ll narrow down the list to the likes of Phil Cuzzi, Joe West, and Angel Hernadez. Listen now…

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Where do we start when it comes to naming off the Worst MLB Umpires? TC and Benjamin go through a list outstandingly bad candidates including C.B. Bucknor, Joe West, and many more. Unfortunately bad umpires are like bad government workers (an oxy moron?) that you can’t get rid of them because they have a powerful union to protect the worst of the worst. We also talk about how Derek Jeter is done saving himself and has come out and said he’s ready to love the ladies and have some kids. Finally, who doesn’t love Hawk Harrelson and which Yankee free agent will be the biggest bust in 2014.

Worst MLB Umpires List:

  • Angel Hernadez is everyone’s consensus #1
  • Joe West should find a new direction in life
  • It’s time to fuggedaboutit Phil Cuzzi
  • Listen to the show to find out the rest.

Plus TC (your host and ringmaster) will engage Benjamin Christensen on the Sportsnaut.com headlines of the day including news that the Orangemen of Syracuse suffer their first loss of the year, Red Bull’s Crashed Ice hits the Twin Cities this weekend, and what is the WhatsApp and why Facebook needed to buy this bad boy for $19 billion. Though only $3 billion was cash. Finally, it turns out there is a professional sports team in Oregon and they’re named the Portland Trailblazers.

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