You won’t believe how much parking costs at Super Bowl LII

Big events like the Super Bowl are notorious for price gouging. But what we’re about to show you is extraordinary. Take a guess. How much do you think it would cost to park a car if you were attending Super Bowl LII?

Got a figure in your head yet?


Now look at what one parking lot is charging — per car — for Super Bowl LII.

What’s really interesting here is that Chris Tomasson, Minnesota Vikings beat writer for the St. Paul Pioneer Press, had to work for that shot. The parking lot attendant didn’t want the price tag being broadcast.

Considering the exorbitant prices for seats, merchandise and pretty much anything associated with the Super Bowl, it’s hardly surprising that everyone’s trying to get in on the price gouging. That said, this is way over the top.

So, who’s ready for a $50 beer?