White Sox GM Rick Hahn hints that ‘big move’ is coming

Courtesy of David Banks, USA Today Sports

The Chicago White Sox are getting ready to make a big move. That’s at least the word from WGN’s Sam Panayotovich, who heard the news from none other than White Sox general manager Rick Hahn.

Now, what might that move be?

It’s conceivable that it could be the signing of Tim Lincecum. Granted, it was reported on Monday that Lincecum and the Angels were nearing a deal, and prior to that, the White Sox were said to be out of the mix.

Still, until something is actually signed, anything can happen.

It’s more likely that Hahn is referring to a trade. After that, it’s anyone’s guess. It could be a veteran from a rebuilding team.

Given that the White Sox already have Jose Abreu, a star first baseman (namely Freddie Freeman) would not seem likely. Ryan Braun would fit a little better, but his pre-approved trade list does not include the White Sox.

The biggest names we can realistically forecast at this point would likely be Oakland Athletics pitcher Sonny Gray, Cincinnati Reds outfielder Jay Bruce and Colorado Rockies outfielder Carlos Gonzalez.

It is worth noting that both Bruce and Gonzalez started for their respective teams on Tuesday, limiting the possibility that an imminent deal would include them.

Still, this is a situation to keep an eye on, as something big might be brewing in the South Side of Chicago.