White House Offers Their Opinion on Deflategate

By Rachel Wold

Ever since the Wells report was completed, multiple opinions of New England Patriots’ quarterback Tom Brady’s potential involvement in Deflategate have surfaced.

With that said, we might as well find out what the White House has to say regarding the burning sports topic of the year also, as reported by their press secretary Josh Earnest via CSNNE.com:

“I do think that people around the world, particularly children, particularly boys, do look up to Tom Brady. He is somebody who has a reputation for professionalism. He’s somebody who’s enjoyed tremendous success on the football field and has carried himself off the field in a way that has earned the respect of a lot of people. And I think that as he confronts this particular situation and he determines what the next steps will be for him, that he’ll be mindful of the way that he serves as a role model to so many, not just American kids as you point out, but to kids around the world.”

Would you believe someone in politics pandering by invoking a “for the children” cliche? Let’s also remember that Brady was not available to attend the White House Presidential event hosted by Barack Obama commemorating the team for their Super Bowl victory. Brady claimed he did not have sufficient notice to attend the event, but perhaps he had an unknown foreshadowing to the events that would unfold just weeks after the celebration and didn’t feel right about being there.