WATCH: Zion Williamson nails half-court buzzer-beater at Duke scrimmage

College basketball fans are eager to watch Zion Williamson throw down powerful dunks, but he provided a unique highlight during a recent Duke scrimmage.

With the score tied and the clock running down during an intra-squad exhibition, Williamson launched a 55-footer at the horn.

And it hit nothing but net.

Williamson has a unique physical skill set, boasting a 6-foot-7, 285-pound frame and athleticism that can only be described as elite. He’s a nightmare to defend in transition and at the rim.

The big question for his freshman season is whether he’ll provide a consistent jumper. And, no, a 55-footer is not something Williamson will take regularly, so this highlight — while spectacular — does not offer evidence either way.

But, hey, if the Blue Devils need a miracle at the buzzer, Williamson will be confident he can make it happen.