WATCH: Zaza Pachulia takes shot at Iman Shumpert’s groin

Spurs fan lawsuit, Zaza Pachulia

During a tense third quarter in Game 4 of the 2017 NBA Finals, Zaza Pachulia let his temper get the best of him and took a shot at the groin of Iman Shumpert.

Pachulia was on the ground in the middle of a scrum when Shumpert walked sort of over him. Then Pachulia took a page out of Draymond Green’s playbook and took his shot at Shumpert’s family jewels.


This wasn’t called on the floor, but we’re sure Pachulia is going to hear from the league office about this dirty shot. Something he’s been accused of in the past (dirty play), we might add.

The Cavaliers are doing everything in their power to stave off a sweep. After three quarters, the score is 115-96 in their favor. With 12 more intense minutes left to play. One wonders if Shumpert or any other Cavs player will attempt some revenge on the down low against Pachulia, either in this game or the next.