WATCH: Yankees’ Brett Gardner throws helmet, it hits him in face

By Matt Johnson
© Jay Biggerstaff-USA TODAY Sports

When a baseball player is having a bad day at the plate, sometimes they just have to let the equipment fly in frustration. Perhaps New York Yankees outfielder Brett Gardner will have to find a new method after an accident during Saturday’s game.

After another hitless at-bat against the Cleveland Indians, Gardner came back into the dugout and immediately threw his helmet against the wall. Coincidentally, the helmet bounced right back and hit him in the face.

Gardner walked away with a bloody lip and perhaps a little less pride in front of his teammates. It’s one thing to blow off some steam, but it has to be hard for some not to laugh when that directly comes back and bites you.

Fortunately, Gardner was able to remain in the game after his helmet’s revenge. Perhaps they’ll be kinder to each other if Gardner’s next at-bat results in a hit, maybe then they can be like Odell Beckham Jr. and the kicking net.