WATCH: XFL fight as Guardians, BattleHawks duke it out on the field

By Jesse Reed
Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

The New York Guardians and St. Louis BattleHawks got into a pretty heated fight near the end of the second quarter on Sunday.

New York, down 23-3, was trying to get in a last-minute score before halftime when Matt McGloin tossed a nice pass to tight end Jake Powell, who was then hit a bit late. That’s when a fight broke out on the field, and shockingly no flags were thrown.

One play later, though, McGloin tossed a brutal interception to Kenny Robinson, and another fight broke out on the sideline.

This time around, flags were thrown, to nobody’s surprise.

The XFL is clearly not upset about this type of stuff, though. Sunday’s fight wasn’t the first of the season, either, and it won’t be the last.