WATCH: Warriors announcers absolutely troll Lonzo Ball

The defending champion Golden State Warriors are in Boston Thursday night taking on a red-hot Celtics squad. It’s one of the better games on the early-season schedule.

Though, the first half was a downright horror show if you like offensive basketball. Golden State headed into intermission with a 47-42 lead.

Prior to that, the usually smooth-shooting Klay Thompson put up one of the ugliest three-point attempts you will ever see from the All-Star. It resulted in a wedgie.

Warriors announcers Jim Barnett and Bob Fitzgerald had some fun with it at the expense of Los Angeles Lakers rookie guard Lonzo Ball.

Ball was already done dirty by Ben Simmons and the Philadelphia 76ers on Wednesday night. Why do these announcers have to keep the troll parade going? Leave the young man alone.

Don’t you think Ball already knows he couldn’t fill up an eight-foot pool from three inches out? Dude is shooting at 30 percent, guys.