WATCH: Virginia’s Doni Dowling hurdles his way to 41-yard gain

In a game in which we expected big things from Lamar Jackson, it was a Virginia player doing Action Jackson things against Louisville Saturday. In the third quarter, already up by three, Virginia made it a two-score game after a humongous play by Doni Dowling.

Watch here as the receiver gains extra yards by hurdling over a defender, much in the same way we saw Jackson hurdle for a touchdown in Week 2 against Syracuse.

Here’s another angle of the spectacular play.


Not only did Dowling hurdle over a defender on this play, but he also escaped a would-be tackler right after receiving the pass from quarterback Kurt Benkert. This was his second big play of the game after he caught a first-quarter touchdown.

This brilliant run after the catch set up a nine-yard touchdown pass that put the Cavaliers up over the Cardinals by the score of 17-7 midway through the fourth quarter.