WATCH: Vince Carter mocks Blake Griffin in best possible way

By Vincent Frank

During his Sacramento Kings game against the Detroit Pistons Monday evening, Vince Carter was called for a questionable foul while guarding Blake Griffin.

As Griffin complained to the officials that he was in the act of shooting, Carter was out there mocking his former division rival. And it’s pretty much one of the best things we have seen during the NBA season.

Notice Carter pretend to flop in the background as Griffin complains to the officials? It’s all sorts of glorious.

For those of you who don’t follow the NBA, Blake is seen as one of the biggest floppers in the game. He also brings that next level drama to the Association. With 20 years of experience on the hardwood, Carter wasn’t going to let this latest incident happen without mocking Griffin in the best possible way.

Well done, Vince.