WATCH: UCF’s Demeitre Brim ejected for targeting against Michigan

By Jesse Reed

During Saturday’s UCF versus Michigan game, Knights linebacker Demeitre Brim was ejected following a controversial targeting penalty.

Here’s the hit in question that ended up sending Brim to the locker room.

The targeting rule in college football has been a source of contention in the past. UCF fans won’t agree with this call, yet renowned former NFL referee Mike Pereira offered this as an explanation for why it was the correct call.

It sure looks like Brim led with his shoulder, but it’s just as clear he did hit receiver Eddie McDoom in the facemask.

You may not agree with the rule, but by rule it was a targeting call.

It’s a tough blow to a UCF defense that was already overwhelmed by Michigan’s offense in a 34-7 blowout.