WATCH: Twitter blasts Stephen A. Smith after he botches ‘TNF’ preview

Vincent Frank

ESPN’s Stephen A. Smith is someone you absolutely love for his outlandish takes or loathe due to his big mouth.

But we can all pretty much agree that his preview of Thursday night’s game between the Los Angeles Chargers and Kansas City Chiefs left a lot to be desired.

In previewing the game Thursday, the First Take host absolutely whiffed in every possible way. First off, he still thinks Philip Rivers and the Chargers play in San Diego. But that’s not the extent of the issue here.

In talking about the Chargers’ offense going up against Kansas City’s defense, Smith indicated that he’s interested in seeing what Hunter Henry can do against linebacker Derrick Johnson.

Um. Henry was lost for the season to injury this past summer and the Chiefs released Johnson following the 2017 season. He last suited up for the Oakland Raiders prior to being released earlier this season. Not to be outdone, Smith focused on the role Spencer Ware could play in this game. The running back has already been ruled out to injury.

It was brutal, as evidenced by the looks on the faces of colleagues Tedy Bruschi and Max Kellerman.

Needless to say, Twitter didn’t let him off the hook for this.


For his part, Smith did respond to the criticism and took some responsibility for the epic fails.

Just ouch!