WATCH: Trey Burton victimizes Bucs’ D on too-easy TD

Quinn Harris-USA TODAY Sports

While opposing teams may want to force Chicago Bears quarterback Mitchell Trubisky to beat them, leaving tight end Trey Burton wide open for a touchdown is not the answer.

On Chicago’s first drive of the game, a Tampa Bay Buccaneers defender slipped in coverage and left Burton wide open. Trubisky immediately found him and the duo hooked up for a 39-yard score.

Burton is an extremely gifted player and if Tampa Bay’s defense even gives him an extra inch in coverage, he can burn them. On this play, they decided to give him more than a dozen yards of open space.

While Trusbisky may still have his issues in his second season, he is more than capable of making the easy throws if Tampa Bay gives them up. Given how depleted the Buccaneers secondary is, more throws like this could be coming on Sunday.