WATCH: Trae Young gets pranked with car full of popcorn

Dale Zanine-USA TODAY Sports

Atlanta Hawks point guard Trae Young has already had his fair share of rookie moments. Now he can add being pranked by his teammates to the list after his car was filled with popcorn.

When the 19-year-old came out to his car on Friday, he discovered his teammates filled it up with popcorn and it all came spilling out as he opened the door.

While not everyone involved is directly known, it seems fairly clear fellow point guard Jeremy Lin played a significant role in the prank. Of course, Lin made it even more rewarding for himself by getting a snack out of it.

It’s going to take Young some time to get over this prank and even more time to clean out all of the popcorn from his car. Fortunately for him, he can take it all out on Friday against the Detroit Pistons.