WATCH: Trae Young casually pulls up from logo, drains three

Vincent Frank
Mandatory Credit: Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

Atlanta Hawks rookie guard Trae Young is going to be a major problem for the Eastern Conference as his career continues.

What we’ve seen from Young over the past several months is a clear indication that he’s looking to become Stephen Curry 2.0.

That didn’t change Monday night against the Rockets in Houston. Here, we see Young casually pull from the logo and hit nothing but net on a three.

This was in a halfcourt set. Young wasn’t attempting to beat the shot clock or the game clock. He pulled up like it was any other three and absolutely drained it. That’s just absurd.

Despite seeing his team lose by the score of 119-11, Young went off for a career-high 36 points. That included connecting on 8-of-12 three-pointers.