WATCH: Todd Marinovich discusses his battle with addiction

By Jesse Reed

Former USC star and Los Angeles Raiders quarterback Todd Marinovich is known more for his battle with addiction and being arrested in compromising situations because of said addiction than he ever was for his once-promising football career.

However, Marinovich is working hard to overcome his addictions these days. This is something he spoke about during an appearance on The Dan Patrick Show Wednesday.

Marinovich credits doing “service work” as a huge reason why he’s able to claim sobriety right now. He also said he’s achieved “physical sobriety” in the past but that what he has now is different.

He also admits that a key factor into why he’s “all of a sudden willing to do the work” to stay sober is pure “humiliation on a whole new level.”

Last year, Marinovich was found naked in a backyard with drugs and drug paraphernalia. He ended up pleading guilty to public nudity, drug charges and trespassing in the wake of that embarrassing event. He was sentenced to 90 days in jail but didn’t have to serve that time provided he completed a six-month course of treatment for his drug issues at an outpatient facility.

Nowadays, Marinovich says he’s “addicted to helping people” who struggle with addictions of their own.