WATCH: This one play depicts just how bad the Seahawks’ offensive line is

Vincent Frank
Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson

The Seattle Seahawks laid a complete egg in their season opener against the Green Bay Packers this past Sunday. Not only did Seattle lose by the score of 17-9, quarterback Russell Wilson found himself pressured 44 percent of the time he dropped back to pass.

It was a downright atrocious performance from an offensive line that many considered to be the worst in the league heading into the season.

There were many plays during this embarrassing loss that we can point to when showing just how bad this unit played in Week 1.

Here, right tackle Rees Odhiambo was ran completely over by Packers pass rusher Nick Perry.

That represented one of the three times Wilson was sacked in the game.

Though, it’s nowhere near the most embarrassing play for Seattle’s offensive line during the outing. This is the one play that has to show how lost those tasked with protecting Wilson are early in the season.

Reported as a tackle eligible sixth man on the line, Matt Tobin is seen above running a seam route. The problem? The play called for a run to the opposite direction.

How in the world does something like this happen? Sure, there could have been a miscommunication in the huddle. Actually, that’s the likeliest scenario in play. But why did Tobin think that the play itself actually called for him to run a deep route? He’s a 303-pound offensive lineman, people.

If one play stood out against Green Bay, it wouldn’t be that much of an issue. Instead, this offensive line made a mockery of itself multiple times throughout the game.

It’s an area Seattle will have to address in short order if the team wants to avoid a lost season and a potential Russell Wilson injury. Simply put, the status quo is not acceptable.