WATCH: Things turn ugly in Leonardo Santos-Roman Bogatov UFC 251 bout

By Vincent Frank
Jun 1, 2019; Stockholm, Sweden; Leonardo Santos (blue gloves) reacts to fight against Stevie Ray (red gloves) at Ericsson Globe. Mandatory Credit: Per Haljestam-USA TODAY Sports

The first of the preliminary matches in UFC 251 Saturday night at Fight Island pitted Leonardo Santos against the undefeated Roman Bogatov in a lightweight bout.

It was apparent that Santos was aiming to end Bogatov’s night relatively early. Check out this barrage of right hooks with a knee coupled in, as the latter attempted to remain in the match.

It’s absolutely shocking that Bogatov was not knocked out after what seemed to be more than 10 landed punches from Santos.

What happened later in the fight was even crazier. With Santos down, Bogatov shook him with an illegal knee.

Even the refs had words for Bogatov during the entire incident.

This came after a pair of low blows from the Russian earlier in the round. It really is amazing that Bogatov as not disqualified for these actions.

The end result was a two-point deduction for Bogatov, and ultimately his first career loss.

Needless to say, the ugliness we saw on display in the Octagon late in the fight had the UFC world calling out Bogatov in a big way.