WATCH: Terrelle Pryor beats Desmond Trufant for TD

Vincent Frank
Terrelle Pryor

This whole Terrelle Pryor to wide receiver thing might end up working out well for the Cleveland Browns.

Acting as one of Cleveland’s starting wide receivers, the former quarterback made a stud corner in Desmond Trufant look silly.

The end result here was awesome. Robert Griffin III connected with Pryor on a 50-yard scoring strike to even the game up at seven.

However, it was the process that led to the touchdown that we really have to look at here. Check out the burst Pryor got down the sideline, running completely by Trufant.

It wasn’t that he hit that second gear. Instead, it was all about a pro-ready route-running ability.

If you notice the play about midway through, Pryor actually uses the sideline to make it seem that he wasn’t going to make a play on the ball. He then hit that second gear, flying completely past Trufant on the process.

It might be too early to say that this is an indication Pryor will be able to make an impact. Though, one thing is important to note.

He didn’t do this against a scrub backup. The former Ohio State signal caller absolutely dominated one of the top-five corners in the NFL. That’s what we would call extremely impressive.