WATCH: Terrell Owens runs a blazing 4.43-second 40

By Rachel Wold

There is no denying that retired NFL wide receiver Terrell Owens is in fantastic shape at the age of 44. He is not shy about wanting to return to playing professional ball, and clearly he’d be darn fast if he did.

Just look at him torch a 40-yard dash, recording 4.43 and 4.44 times. This is epic stuff.

Any teams in need of speedy, experienced wide receivers might consider hitting Owens up. While that is not likely to happen, it has not stopped Owens from taking Atlanta Falcons wide receiver Julio Jones under his wing this offseason to practice.

Note that Owens mentions Jones in his Instagram caption. The two have gotten quite chummy as of recent and the Falcons are not exactly thrilled with Jones’ choice of company.

Nonetheless, Jones has the right to hang out with whoever he wishes. This would would include the ultra-fast Owens, who continues to grace NFL headlines on a constant basis.