WATCH: Teddy Bridgewater busts out epic dance after ‘MNF’ win

Aaron Doster-USA TODAY Sports

New Orleans Saints backup quarterback Teddy Bridgewater is quickly becoming an icon within the dancing community. We have yet to see him bust out moves in a touchdown celebration this season. That’s primarily because Bridgewater has thrown exactly one pass in backing up Drew Brees.

Instead, the former Minnesota Vikings’ first-round pick is saving his epic moves for the locker room. That came out in droves following Monday night’s narrow win over the Carolina Panthers.

Check Bridgewater out as he steals the show in front of his teammates and coaches. You just can’t help but smile.


One of the better men in the NFL and a talented quarterback in his own right, Bridgewater might now have a backup career should this football thing not work out.

For the sake of NFL fans the world over, we hope that’s not the case. Hopefully, he’ll be busting out these moves as a starter for another team in 2019.

The world needs it.