Watch: Streaker Anihilates Security Guard on Rugby Pitch

By Jesse Reed

Streakers are strange birds, seeking attention in ways most of us wouldn’t fathom. During a rugby match, one of these birds took center stage, but this particular bird had a sneaky trick up his sleeve.

After mulling around amongst the players on the pitch, this bird, dressed as Superman, starts darting around, bounces from security guard to security guard before finally doing a dive under the posts. The display cost him valuable momentum, however, allowing the security to catch him.

This is where the story gets interesting/awesome.

One of the guards, running fast, attempts to tackle the amusing streaker when he experiences a devastating moment of sudden panic. Rather than taking the streaker down, he ends up on his own back, the streaker above him, along with some cartoon stars.

It was a move any pro wrestler would be proud of, and it made us blow milk out of our noses laughing.

Many would argue this guy wasn’t technically a streaker, because, you know, clothes. When hearing the word “streaker,” most of us conjure images of Frank the Tank from “Old School.”

Whatever you want to call him, the Superman-costume-wearing wrestling champ made our day.

Long live streakers. Long live gut-busting laughs.