WATCH: Steve Smith rips rookie Nelson Agholor after incomplete pass

Steve Smith Sr. knows how to get under the skin of his opponents. He took advantage of an easy opportunity against rookie Nelson Agholor on Saturday night when the Philadelphia Eagles hosted the Baltimore Ravens.

Agholor almost had a touchdown in his grasp on a pass from quarterback Mark Sanchez. However, he lost control of the pass in the end zone. Classy as always, or not so much in the case, Smith ripped into Agholor on the sidelines after the drop.

Smith, 36 years old, called out the first round draft pick, used some colorful language and said, “yeah you dropped it big boy.”


Great role model there, eh?

Smith surely wasn’t in a good mood and that could have had everything to do with the fact that Ravens were getting skunked by the Eagles at the time of that call.

Despite the dropped catch, Agholor caught four other passes for a total of 49 yards and looked extremely sharp doing so.