WATCH: Stephen Curry loses it when asked about ‘eye disease’

Isaiah J. Downing-USA TODAY Sports

It was noted earlier in the week that Golden State Warriors star Stephen Curry has been dealing with less-than-stellar vision throughout his NBA career.

Curry just recently got contacts, which has apparently helped his vision on the court and in life. It’s coincided with a hot streak from three-point range.

When asked about the condition prior to Thursday’s game against the Los Angeles Lakers, Curry couldn’t stop laughing.

A reporter called it an “eye disease” before asking Curry to expand on the affliction. His response was legendary.

“It’s not a disease” followed by a laughing attack most of us are familiar with from our childhood days.

For his part, the reporter was able to keep a straight face and continue with the line of questioning as Curry lost it. That’s what we’d call professionalism. That question on the other hand? Clown show.