WATCH: Stephen A. Smith loses it talking about his Knicks

There’s an uneasy feeling around the Big Apple heading into NBA free agency this weekend.

By virtue of the plethora of moves they’ve made over the past calendar year, the New York Knicks have cap space for two max-contract players.

As has been the case under the “leadership” of much-maligned owner James Dolan, things might not work out on the front.

The Knicks are seen as a laughingstock. They might miss out on top-end targets mere months after dealing away Kristaps Porzingis for pretty much cap room.

In talking about his Knicks on ESPN’s First Take, the always entertaining Stephen A. Smith absolutely lost his mind. Once the conversation turned to New York potentially resorting to signing DeMarcus Cousins, Smith flipped his lid.

It’s pure entertainment.

Tell us how you really feel, Mr. Smith.

To be fair, Smith is seemingly speaking for Knicks fans the world over. If they are unable to land a top-end free agent after setting themselves up for this summer years before, it will be a major black eye for the organization.

As of right now, Kyrie Irving seems to be headed to the Brooklyn Nets. Two-time NBA Finals MVP Kevin Durant could join him there. Both have long been top targets of the Knicks.

Alas, it might not be.