WATCH: Steelers OL celebrates as James Conner scores TD

The rift between holdout running back Le’Veon Bell and his Pittsburgh Steelers offensive linemen is already well known.

Bell will be fined north of $800,000 for missing Sunday’s game against the Cleveland Browns. In his stead, second-year back James Conner started out strong.

Here, Conner scored a four-yard touchdown for the first points of the game. As it was happening, we could see Steelers offensive linemen overly celebrating the score.

This could have very well been a message to Bell. Players are unhappy that he decided to continue his holdout into the season.

With Bell’s future in Pittsburgh in question, Conner is seen as the future starting running back for the Steelers. If his early-game performance on Sunday is any indication, the team will be in good hands.