WATCH: St. Louis fan destroys Stan Kroenke in Super Bowl ad

By Jesse Reed

Some Super Bowl advertisements are more poignant than others. A St. Louis fan, upset with Los Angeles Rams owner Stan Kroenke for his move to Southern California, put together a 30-second Super Bowl ad slamming the owner for his decision.

The fan’s name is Terry Crouppen, who is a founding partner of the law firm Brown & Crouppen. With that in mind, it’s not surprising his 30-second spot features the polish and professionalism you’d expect of any Super Bowl ad.

However, this one is a bit more solemn than most of the commercials we’ll all enjoy when the big game kicks off Sunday evening.

The Rams had been making it known that a move was possible all year long, and after the final game many headlines around the nation were dedicated to the fact that it might be the last one in St. Louis.

After the NFL owners voted 30-2 in favor of Kroenke’s Rams relocating to Inglewood, Calif., Miami Dolphins owner Stephen Ross said everyone was a winner in the deal. When asked about the fans in St. Louis, Ross responded with “Well, someone had to lose.”

Clearly, Crouppen and many other Rams fans are not happy about being so callously discarded.

Somehow, I doubt Kroenke cares.