WATCH: Snowboarding in the Clouds

By Jesse Reed

We’ve all dreamt about snowboarding in the clouds, right?

It’s that ever-elusive dream that comes only ever so often, and every night we crave for its return. One man has take the dream, spiced it up and is now making it happen in the real world.

Wildman Adrian Cenni is that man. He, along with a company called Happy Socks, fulfilled a vision by literally snowboarding in the clouds, thanks to a newfangled invention called the “helicopter.”

Per the YouTube video’s description, “Happy Socks is about spreading happiness through creativity.”

Consider that goal achieved, good sirs.

Not only did this video spread happiness in our minds, but it set our spirits soaring as we reveled in the majesty of watching Cenni soar through the atmosphere.

Photo Credit: YouTube Screenshot