WATCH: Six-year old pulls off amazing Eurostep

Nov 16, 2014; Fayetteville, AR, USA; A basketball with a Nike logo and Arkansas Razorback logo sits on the floor during a timeout in a game between the Arkansas Razorbacks and Alabama State Hornets at Bud Walton Arena. Arkansas defeated Alabama State 97-79. Mandatory Credit: Beth Hall-USA TODAY Sports

Dirk would be proud.

Basketball players are so evolved these days. It started with Jordan’s fadeaway and continued with LeBron dominating the NBA mere months removed from high school.

But now, it looks like this evolution is taking place at a much younger age. Six years old to be exact.

Here, a kid just years removed from wearing diapers, pulls off a Eurostep that would make Dirk Nowitzki proud.

Really, he did.

The responses from those in the crowd were exceptional.

One man can be overheardĀ telling the little kid to go with the Eurostep. Meanwhile, a woman’s voice mouthed “Oh my God.”

One thing is for certain here. This kid will be a five-star recruit for Duke and Kentucky here in another decade or so. Heck, he might already be receiving letters. Let’s just hope his father is nothing like LaVar Ball.