WATCH: Seahawks fans leave en masse as Rams romp

Courtesy of Joe Nicholson, USA Today Sports

The Seattle Seahawks are currently getting their behinds handed to them by the Los Angeles Rams, and the faithful 12s aren’t acting so faithful.

The Rams, up 40-7 in the third quarter, have already pulled quarterback Jared Goff for backup Sean Mannion. It’s been an ugly game for the Seahawks, and adding insult to injury they’re seeing fans abandon them en masse.

The crowd at CenturyLink Field booed the Seahawks off the field at halftime.

Then Todd Gurley scored his fourth touchdown of the game in the third quarter before Russell Wilson finally threw his first touchdown of the game to erase the shutout. But the damage had long been done as the Rams laid some serious hurt on their NFC West rivals in this game.

Seahawks fans were very quick to abandon their team, which has been a source of much happiness in recent years. For shame.