Watch: Sammy Watkins makes stunning one-handed catch look easy

Sammy Watkins

That Sammy Watkins is a physical freak of nature has never been in question, but it’s still stunning to watch him make the outrageous look ordinary.

During Saturday’s practice he did it again.

Running a simple out route, Watkins made an outstanding one-handed catch on a horrible pass from fourth-string quarterback Matt Simms. Simms threw the ball high and behind the receiver, yet Watkins was able to use his left hand to haul in the errant pass with ease.

Here’s the short video.

While it’s not as impressive as it would be if Watkins was being covered by a defensive back, there is no denying theĀ outrageous talent and athleticism it took to make the play.

Watkins is a special player. It’s unfortunate that he doesn’t play with a viable NFL quarterback this year. If he did, then there is little doubt he’d put up the kind of numbers reserved for the game’s top-tier receivers. He nearly cracked the 1,000-yard barrier and caught six touchdownsĀ in his rookie campaign, catching passes from Kyle Orton and E.J. Manuel.