WATCH: Saints fans protesting during Super Bowl Sunday

Derick E. Hingle-USA TODAY Sports

The New Orleans Saints and their fans are clearly not over the missed call in the NFC Championship Game.

With the NFL preparing for Super Bowl LIII between the Rams and Patriots Sunday, Saints fans took to the streets of New Orleans to protest the bad non-call. In turn, they decided to shade officials by waving yellow flags.

The salt is still alive and well in the Bayou two weeks after one of the most controversial end of game situations in recent NFL history.

Though, this isn’t going to do a darn thing to change what happened. The Rams could very well come out on top against New England — furthering the Saints’ stance that they were robbed of a Lombardi.

No amount of criticism on social media or lawsuits is going to change what we saw take place at the Superdome. But hey, a good protest is always needed in today’s society. Right?