WATCH: Rudy Gay slays the Suns with game-winner at buzzer

The last-place Phoenix Suns were giving the San Antonio Spurs a run for their money on the road Tuesday night.

Tied at 124 in the final seconds, it looked like this game was headed for overtime — a major accomplishment for the 11-win Suns.

That’s when veteran Spurs forward Rudy Gay decided to send Phoenix off to the sunset with a heartbreaking defeat.

Gay was going isolation against the Suns. Instead of driving the ball, he pulled up right in front of the three-point line.

Magic happened at the AT&T Center.

That’s straight clutch. Kelly Oubre played great defense. That did not matter to Gay — a total cold-blooded assassin here.

Gay finished the evening with 16 points on just 7-of-17 shooting. That doesn’t matter. He went full ninja on the game’s final play.