WATCH: Roger Goodell lands in Boston without incident

By Rachel Wold
Courtesy of Kamil Krzaczynski, USA Today Sports

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell is not a very popular guy in New England. He became a hated man by Patriots fans nationwide after he suspended quarterback Tom Brady for four games in 2016 due to the whole “Deflategate” scandal.

Per an ESPN report, it was even suggested by Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski that he didn’t think Goodell could “even land in the airport in Boston.”

Well, by the looks of the video posted above, Goodell safely made his way through Boston’s Logan Airport. There didn’t appear to be any enraged fans or rotten tomatoes launched his way.

The next hurdle would be to see if Goodell survives the season opener at Gillette Stadium. This is also something Gronk promised would not go over well should the Commish decide to step foot in Foxborough.

Patriots fans are some of the most loyal in the country. And, they got even when they made a mockery out of Goodell during the Patriots 2017 Super Bowl celebration parade. Goodell would be wise to continue to watch his back in the New England neck of the woods.