WATCH: Rays 1B helps PLAYER out of a sticky situation

Darren Yamashita-USA TODAY Sports

The Tampa Bay Rays had their way against a struggling White Sox team in Chicago Wednesday afternoon.

Given how good Tampa has been thus far this season, that’s not really a surprise.

Instead, the game was defined by an interaction between Sox shortstop Tim Anderson and Rays first baseman Ji-Man Choi after the former reached on a single in the second inning.

Here’s the video before we actually attempt to provide an explanation.

That appears to be Choi offering up his arm for Anderson to wipe something off his nose. Are we wrong? You see something different?

If this is indeed the case, we have no idea where to start. First off, that’s about as gross as it gets. Almost as bad as a player picking his nose and eating it in front of thousands.

Secondly, how did Choi know that Anderson needed to wipe his nose? Actually, did he even notice what the Sox’ infielder was doing?

So many questions. So few answers. The only thing we can provide here is caution for the youngsters at home. Don’t try this in a Little League game unless you want your mother to scream at you from the stands.