WATCH: Rare footage of Stephen Curry from 2001-02 emerges

Stephen Currry

Stephen Curry has been a big-time shot-maker for a long time, and rare footage from his year spent in Toronto has emerged as proof of this fact.

Curry’s father, Dell Curry, moved him up to Canada during his eighth-grade year in 2001-02 so he could see his dad play in his final year in the NBA. As part of that arrangement, he was enrolled into a new school, Queensway, where he quickly became a star.

His coach from that year, James Lackey, found some old footage of a parent/teacher game from that year and shared it with Sportsnet Canada, which used it in a phenomenal feature entitled “Steph in the 6.”

Here is the video, with Curry’s eighth-grade exploits highlighted at the end:

Not only are we treated to Steph dropping threes and making people miss in the open court, but his dad also showed up big. This is a treasured piece of history, not only for the Curry family and Queensway, but for anyone who loves the game of basketball.

Some are already calling Curry the greatest player to ever grace a hardcourt, and in the end there may be no arguing that fact.

Clearly, his natural talent has been budding for a long time, and he’s now revolutionizing the way the game is played at the professional level. At the All-Star break, Curry’s Golden State Warriors are 48-4 with a legitimate shot to break the 1995-96 Chicago Bulls’ all-time single-season record, which is 72-10.