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WATCH: Philip Rivers loses it after awful call negates big play

Jesse Reed

Things aren’t exactly going Philip Rivers’ way early Saturday night as his Los Angeles Chargers take on the Baltimore Ravens.

The veteran quarterback threw an interception on the game’s first offensive play, which was bad enough. Then, after Baltimore jumped out to a 3-0 lead, the Chargers finally got a big play when Rivers found Keenan Allen down the right sideline for a big gain.

Only, the play was called back due to offensive pass interference — an extremely ticky-tack foul, by any measure.

Rivers went nuts, trying to get the officials to change the call while doing what he does best, which is wear his emotions on his sleeve. He collected himself long enough to deliver another strike to Mike Williams for another big gain, but that pass was also called back because Allen wasn’t set and was hit with an illegal formation penalty.

Once again, Rivers was heated and nearly contacted an official as he emotionally pleaded his case.

Yeah, he was not a happy camper.